Third Vice President, Newsletter Editor and Web Master, Art League of Nassau County

The inspiration for my work as a painter and illustrator is direct observation of the world around me. The subway and the endless variety of characters and personalities with whom I travel has been a major inspiration. The history of New York City as reflected in the city’s buildings and public monuments has been another source of interest to me. The countryside, with its views of trees and landscapes has been source of fascination for me. All has been recorded in sketch books, through direct observation.

I am a graphic designer and marketing communications consultant. I currently work with  LutherSales (internet retail sales of furniture and appliances). I teach Build Your own Web Site, Graphic Design and Cartooning and Computer Animation at the Cumberland School in Great Neck NY. I work with small business start ups in communications design, brand identity design and web site development.

I am a member of the Inkwell Foundation, a cartoonist group that visits local hospitals to do drawing events for children undergoing treatment for serious illnesses.

Visit for my design portfolio.


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