Jacqueline Weyn joined the Art League of Nassau County in November 1972, with watercolor as her designated media. She was on the board of directors of the League for much of that time, as Exhibition Chairperson and later as First Vice President. Jackie and Ted graciously lent the League their living room for board meetings, and provided space in their garage for all of the big stuff, like exhibition racks and overhead mirrors that the League used in its activities.

Jacqueline Weyn- 1988 5732rJackie was instrumentally responsible for a great many of the watercolorists who joined the Art League. Through her reputation as a watercolor teacher, she drew aspiring painters to her classes, and transmitted the benefits of the League to the most promising students. As new board members came in to serve in critical roles in the League administration, Jackie set the standard for the values that the League has long stood for– excellence in painting, the best possible venues for our exhibitions and service to the membership.