Welcome to the Art League of Nassau County
Virtual Exhibition

The Art League of Nassau County Art Exhibition has gone virtual! Follow the steps below to submit your art work. This page will host the art work in an exhibition gallery.

Step #1: Register by filling out the Propsectus and sending it with your photo by August 1. Click on the Prospectus link below to view and print your prospectus. The prospectus was emailed to membership as well. Send to Suzanne McVetty at smcvetty@aol.com.

Step #2: Photograph your piece and email it to Suzanne McVetty at smcvetty@aol.com. The submission is due by August 1. A cell phone snap is all you need. Take the best photo you can. See size spec’s on the Prospectus.

Step #3: The League will assemble the photos and post them up on the League website. We will announce the launch of the exhibition. 

Virtual Summer Art Show Prospectus2