Margo Vignola

May 2021 Artist of the Month

I have always loved to sketch, focusing first on little girl interests like horses and ballet. However, between college, grad school, children and a Wall Street career, I never had time to focus on art. I just cut photos out of the newspapers and magazines, hoping to use them at some point.

After retiring some 10 years ago, I began a more studied approach to art, first taking drawing classes with live models and then moving on to oil painting. My first teacher was Steve Lampasona, but soon was fortunate to learn from Howard Rose, Kyle Blumenthal, Don Huber and Bart deCeglie.. Moreover, my fellow students provided equally valuable advice and guidance. I remember someone handing me a palette knife and suggesting it would work for creating texture and design. Palette knives are now a key part of my technique. I love paint and like to use lots of it. The creativity and freedom of art are a constant. And, unlike piano, my second love, I don’t need to follow the music.

I have largely focused on landscapes, but have recently ventured into more abstract designs. Straight lines and detail are not my forte. I have sold several pieces along the way, but mostly just give them away. I am happy just knowing somebody wants them.


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