Mario Castro was an artist dedicated to perfection in painting and the good work of the Art League of Nassau County. He served as President of the League and as advisor was instrumental in many of the League’s activities. He organized Open Shows, workshops and was vocal in support of the League’s mission of support for excellence in realist painting.

Art League of Nassau County member Suzie Alvey, a long time friend of Mario Castro and his family described Mario’s painting process as detailed, methodical and purposeful. Much of Mario’s work was still life depictions of everyday objects chosen and arranged to tell a story or convey a theme. He began by making an arrangement of the objects. He then created a detailed full size sketch. He transferred the sketch to a gessoed masonite board. Mario would proceed by adding the oil colors layer by layer. Mario built his own frames, each crafted with loving care to complement the work.

Photo: Suzie AlveyThe first of Mario’s work shown here, entitled “Frogs” and commissioned by Suzie and Robert Alvey, is an excellent example of the care with Mario assembled the objects with which he used to tell a story. The work is typical of Mario’s brilliant use of color, perspective, and beautiful draftsmanship to create a magnificent work of art.

The second work, entitled “Family”, shows Mario’s wife Julie and his two daughters Louise and Diane. Mario was dedicated to his family. His wife Julie was a long time associate member of the Art League of Nassau County and active with her husband on the board of directors. Both works shown here are in the collection of Suzie and Robert Alvey.

Photo: Suzie AlveyIn 1985, one of Castro’s paintings was included in an exhibit in the well-known Grand Central Gallery in New York City. He also was one of the top 100 artists selected out of 13,000 entries in the July 1985 American Artist Magazine’s “National Still Life Competition.

Mario Castro began painting in 1962 and continued to 2000. He won over 300 awards. Among the arts organizations awarding Mario “Best in Show” and “Grand Prizes” were the Salmagundi Club the Hudson Valley Art Association, the national American Artists Professional League, the Nassau County Museum of Fine Arts in Roslyn, the Art League of Nassau County, and the Kent Art Association in Connecticut.

Mario Castro was on the board of directors for the American Artist Professional League, the Allied Artists of America, the Hudson Valley Art Association and the Art League of Nassau County. He was also a member of Tri-County Artists, National Art League, Suburban Art League and the Village Art Club.

Over his many years of association with the Art League of Nassau County Mario Castro and his wife Julie exhibited a wealth of good cheer, hard work and dedication to the League and its good works. They are beloved by many and remembered as the best of good friends and jolly companions.