I started painting and drawing after I retired from successful careers as a high school biology teacher, writer and editor. Visual art, its intricacies, variety and nuances, quickly supplanted the natural world as my passion.

I am still amazed by this gorgeous planet, and my work reflects this.
I work in watercolor, pastel and oils. I enjoy landscapes, florals and still lifes. Faces fascinate me.

I have exhibited at the Manhasset Art Association, The Barnes Gallery, the National Art League, and Bayside Historical Society. I have won awards, and have sold works that now reside as far away as Tucson, Arizona.

I am indebted to the many excellent artists I have studied with. These include Steve Lampasona, Diana DiSantis, Mary Ann Heinzenn, Howard Rose, Bart Deciglie and Dominique Medici.

I am also indebted to the many lovely artists I have met, and whose work and kindness continue to inspire me.

Art is a singular journey. I highly recommend it!

















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